Minimum Viable Product Development Services

Any technology STARTUP goes through a certain life cycle from the idea to the launch of a fully functional product. However, 42% STARTUPS (according to CB Insights analytics) failed because their product was not needed by the market. MVP process allows create basic version of your product with few most important features to capture the attention and satisfy of customer’s needs.

We will create a product with minimal functionality. You will get the project ready to launch in several months.

Why Lab42 outsourcing?
Startup’s critical factor

A set of functional features is the core of a software product and is a critical factor that influences the cost of software development.

The team of analysts at Lab42 has the expertise to help young startups identify the main core from a business idea (a full-featured product), by implementing which, users and potential investors will be able to evaluate the startup.

Startup’s cost reduction

Among all cost reduction strategies, launching a minimum viable product (MVP) instead of a full-fledged product is one of the most useful.

Building an MVP allows you not only to reduce software development costs but also to test your business idea fast and minimize the risk of startup failure. Our expert team is essential to avoid constantly increasing software development costs.

MVP is a cost effective functioning product

However, you need to remember that an MVP isn’t a prototype or mock-up. An MVP is a functioning product, and it must deliver value to your target audience. The whole idea of creating an MVP is to launch a product with a minimal feature set to get feedback from end users as soon as possible.

Long-term partnership

Our team go above and beyond to ensure top-quality results. You will have a team of developers that are fully focused on your app and will be given perfect project plan, delivery estimated cost and other aspects of your MVP development. You can continue working with expert team in the future on any new ideas.

Security reasons

Startups should not be afraid to consult, however, if there are concerns about their know-how, we will draw up and sign an Non-Disclosure Agreement – an agreement on non–disclosure of information when working with a startup.

Features that deliver value
Do you want to check the project vision or test few ideas and choose the best one for launching or want to present MVP to attract investors or venture capital funds? Or you have small budget or there is a little time for full development, so would you like to start your product with few basic features?
MVP is for You! Become a Great Leader!

Getting started your business in few days

Quickly delivered product that can be tested via real users

Immediately get feedback on an early stage

Listing your customer needs and wants and include them in your product

Fast, efficient, expertise development for agile product

Only the core features creation - MVP (minimum viable product)

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