Corporate Communications Platform

Comprehensive all-in-one multi-module platform giving your business communication maximum security protection and allows fully remote control over your staff members location and tasks implementation and automating every business process according internal needs.

Wherever you and your staff members are.



How does the solution work?
Server software
The server part is installed on your own or rented server. All processing and secure storage of data takes place in it.
Mobile application
All the main activity of task executors takes place away from office computers, therefore, their working tool is installed on a mobile phone in order to be always at hand.
Desktop application
The administration and management (dispatching) of the platform is carried out through the Cabinet, which is a convenient full-featured Windows application.
Maximum communication security

Make sure about securely of SIMWAL track and trace process, transmittion audio streams, messages and files via communication module with end-to-end encryption support.

Don't worry about storing sensitive business information on third-party servers.

Start managing your workflow in the best secure way today!
Every business needs better control, automation and security, but only the right software solutions will actually drive your business and support your decision's line. Get in touch with us to order the SIMWAL demo.
Task manager for comfortable work anywhere on any device

Provide remote assign and tracking task progress also with task’s linking to the map and use data terminal to work with catalogs, scan QR and bar codes. Efficiently manage track tasks and subtasks so that you meet your deadlines wherever you and your staff members are.


Navigation module

Link any tasks to each member to the map and get full track and trace control over your staff members location and tasks implementation to optimize costs and provide required security of business process.

Communication module (walkie-talkie + messenger)
  • Create channels for audio, text messages and file transfer
  • Connect up to 100 users to the channels at the same time
  • Use private channels for audio and text communication
  • Transmit encrypted audio streams, messages and files
  • Report on emergency situation online
by activating the "SOS mode"


Some application fields to start with communication platform
Logistics & transport
Retail chains
Shopping centers & malls
Wholesale companies
Delivery services
Construction companies
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