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Welcome to the new generation of live esport betting product to create and manage your own sportsbook business and become succeed in growing competitive market while punters are becoming increasingly demanding and expect even more entertainment from betting services.  

Highest-quality sportsbook solution you can adjust to fit your needs
Focused on your needs

Whether you prefer ready-made all-in-one e-sport betting solutions or individually designed, custom-made solutions, all LOOKN'BET tools can be tailored to perfectly suit your needs.

  • betting service
  • esports streaming 
  • streaming metrics
  • and much more
Attractive bet stimulation tool to increase your turnover
Boost any esports betting offer

Punters like the fact that it's simple to understand. Prompt «yes or now» betting is attractive to the novice and to the experienced punters. They enjoy the simplicity that’s why just give them to make simple decisions and to bet promptly to gain maximum involvement in e-sports competition.

Punters enjoy the volatility - any stream can enjoy 360-point turnarounds in seconds.


Get find out how to buy your perfect sportsbook solution
Are you looking for a fast and cost-effective solution or maybe you are more inclined towards a more complete and customizable one, no expense spared? Our options have got you covered. Get in touch with us to order the LOOKN'BET demo.
Platform features for your business

Streams can be broadcasted using the twitch platform also possible to broadcast through the streaming system of the platform owner’s. 

The site is adapted to all modern browsers and mobile devices to meet punter’s “access anywhere” expectations

Maximize your profits with best performing

Ready for direct customer use, requiring only very limited resources from your side to offer live betting e-sports for markets. Built your own business model models – ensuring you can provide profit-maximising live bets.

The incredible growth of esports
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