E-commerce Marketplace

We are providing perfect customized development of marketplaces of any complexity. This marketplace model has proven to be the most profitable business in e-commerce running on one software infrastructure, allowing the millions of vendors to sell their goods and services under the umbrella of one website.

It is evident that marketplace business is booming and being multiplied and are expected to be multiplied increased.

Expand your market reach with Lab42 marketplace model.

Please see agricultural marketplace based on our software solution.

E-commerce vs Marketplace – own website or selling platform?
You already need your own marketplace

The analytical company Gartner predicts that by 2023 15% of online stores will open their marketplaces.

The marketplace is becoming the dominant form of organizing sales of goods and services: there is an active penetration of marketplaces into all spheres of life — from ordering food and calling a taxi to walking dogs and renting very expensive objects. Do you want to be in the trend of the market?

Then you already need your own marketplace.

Lab42 experienced teams

There are many types of marketplaces and all successful marketplaces are united by the fact that the entire business of the marketplace owner is based on a convenient and thoughtful service. The process of creating a marketplace itself is a non-trivial task, projects are very large and complex and require a lot of experience not only in development, but also in the specifics of e-commerce. Therefore, marketplaces should be created only by experienced teams. The Lab42 team provides an ideal individual development of marketplaces of any complexity.

How to build profitable marketplace
Put Your Marketplace into Action

The most common mistake of customers is that they want to create the best and the most perfect and amazingly developed marketplace and only then enter the market. Actually you need to launch your business idea to the market as soon as possible and validate the marketplace concepts in the simplest way firstly.

  • perform market research
  • identify your target audience
  • create a unique value
  • build the marketplace MVP

Contact Lab42 for the development of the MVP of your marketplace and do not delay your success.

Scale your marketplace business next

After a short period of usage, they’ll provide feedback about the necessary improvements that you need to polish for a bigger crowd to come. How do you find a reliable software development partner? If you turn to our Lab42 team to create a marketplace, we need to know your business model and the desired functionality.

Here are our development team’s main roles that will create your marketplace:

  • Business Analyst
  • Software Development Team Lead
  • Designers
  • Back-end Developers
  • Front-end Developers
  • Quality Assurance Engineers
  • Project manager

The best marketplaces are created only by Lab42 full - fledged teams.

Marketplace development
Here you will find a robust decision and complete toolkit to solve challenges when establishing a marketplace. Accelerate the ability to get to market quickly, activating new revenue opportunities now.
Purpose-built for marketplaces
Lab42 marketplace main features

The platform easily adapts to your market needs and workflows happening across various market models, roles of the key participants and the data that flows between them:

  • Mobile app
  • Goods and services catalog
  • Flexible search service
  • Ad placement platforms
  • Websites builder
  • 3 language versions
  • Adaptive website design
Our Values
Achieve great things

Every detail falls into place, and every detail makes sense and is important, and no decision is unimportant.

Your key performance and business tasks are critical points that drive us and core to everything we do.

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