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Empowering Growth Through Custom Software Solutions
Empowering Growth Through Custom Software Solutions

Embark on a revolutionary digital voyage with Lab42, where innovation meets excellence in the world of software development and consulting. We strive to deliver real business value by redefining the possibilities of digital engineering through human-centric innovation.

Transforming Businesses Digitally with Custom Solutions and Expert Consulting
Transforming Businesses Digitally with Custom Solutions and Expert Consulting

At Lab42, our mission is to reimagine businesses through a digital lens. We specialize in custom software development and consulting, providing end-to-end solutions that address specific needs and goals. With a focus on adaptability, scalability, and innovation, we empower businesses to streamline workflows, enhance efficiency, and unlock their full potential.

Catalyzing Digital Success: Modern Solutions, Expertise, and Dedication
Catalyzing Digital Success: Modern Solutions, Expertise, and Dedication

We envision a future where businesses thrive in the digital landscape. We aim to be the catalyst for this transformation, continuously modernizing our products and perfecting our expertise. Our dedication involves delving into the details of every project, ensuring bespoke solutions that evolve with the times.

Our results in numbers
12 years
Of professional experience
Expertise in business domains
Customer satisfaction

What is Lab42

Lab42 is highly experienced software development company. We offer software and service development of different difficulty level and scope. According to our developers and QA engineers skills we can guarantee the quality, reliability and efficiency of products developed by our team.

Our company assists in selection and implementation of approaches for business processes automation. The core business of our company is development and implementation of up-to-day and effective IT-solutions for particular business domains.

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Over 10 years of operation, we have perfected our expertise in six business domains. Continuously modernizing our products with new features, we aim to aid the development of your business in sync with the times. Our primary focus is on the specificity of each project, as we fully immerse ourselves in the intricacies of internal processes.

Governance Platform

Enhance efficiency with our transparent voting engine, operating through token acquisition, fostering successful policy adoption and financial growth. Customize your corporate experience with features like coalition building and voting, seamlessly integrated with blockchain technology.

Corporate communications platform

Simwal is an encrypted communication platform designed specifically to meet the highest standards of logistics and transportation business. We reconsidered the well-known 'Push To Talk' (PTT) technology, to deliver the unique and secure communication channels within the company.

Electronic sports betting platform

Esports betting solutions for your competitive bookmaking business. Our innovative tools meet player expectations, providing enhanced betting entertainment. Explore customizable, Twitch-optimized tools for accessibility and profit maximization. Contact us for a personalized demo to elevate your business.

Last mile delivery

Innovative last-mile delivery automation system. Dispatcher console and courier app use GPS tracking with machine learning. Assures optimal order distribution, reducing human factor impact. Maximize delivery speed, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

E-commerce marketplace
E-commerce marketplace

Specializing in bespoke e-commerce solutions, we foster seamless collaboration among vendors on a unified platform. Our marketplace model, supported by a skilled team, ensures optimal development. Accelerate market entry with Lab42's toolkit, featuring adaptable features.


Each day, we diligently select the latest and most pertinent technologies and architecture to deliver our clients the finest business tools, providing them with a distinct competitive advantage. These technologies have been successfully implemented in real-world development scenarios and have shown practical success and tangible results.

Custom Software Development

Start your business faster with minimal investment in a dedicated team. Get guaranteed availability, predictable monthly expenses and discounted prices compared to hourly rates.

Basic Plan

BEST FOR: Review & Cleanup Code, Regular Fixes, Minor Enhancements and changes

  • ENGINEERS: 1+ Part-time Engineer(s)
  • TESTING & QA: Engineer Testing Only
  • UI/UX DESIGN: Not Included
  • PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Work Directed by Client
Unified Pack

BEST FOR: Prototype or Proof of Concept, Continuos Feature Development & Maintenance, Software Modernization & Optimization. Code refactoring

  • ENGINEERS: 1+ Dedicated Engineer(s)
  • TESTING & QA: As Needed up to 1+ Dedicated QA Engineer(s)
  • UI/UX DESIGN: On Demand
  • PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Project Manager Assign On, Team Leader Involved, Lightweight Documentation
Enterprise Solution

BEST FOR: Design to MVP, MVP to V1, Project Rescue.

ENGINEERS: 2+ Dedicated Engineers, 1 Dedicated Architect
TESTING & QA: Fully Dedicated QA Team
UI/UX DESIGN: Fully Dedicated Designer
PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Project Manager, Assign On Team Leader, Involved & Manage Work Documentation, Retrospective – Weekly, Onsite Planning Sessions – Monthly, Tech Strategy Alignment – Quarterly

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