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PandaBox - Last mile delivery solution

Innovative last-mile delivery automation system. Dispatcher console and courier app use GPS tracking with machine learning. Assures optimal order distribution, reducing human factor impact. Maximize delivery speed, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

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Last mile delivery

PandaBox is a modern software solution for organizing an efficient corporate delivery service. Our product consists of a dispatcher admin panel and a courier mobile application. Key advantages include automatic order distribution, machine learning for precise delivery time calculation, an intuitive interface, and a map with the geolocation of all couriers.


Automate deliveries for your business - Start today with your own software.
We empower retail, restaurant, grocery, e-commerce, and logistics companies to manage their delivery operations sustainably at any scale, automatically allocate orders among couriers, build unique workflows, and ensure on-brand experiences.

PandaBox seamlessly integrates with other restaurant ordering and e-commerce platforms to keep all of your orders in one place, offering optimized software for your business.

Your dedicated delivery management solution - the best in its class.
PandaBox provides you with the technological resources to support your team and offer your customers convenient and high-quality delivery services. Manage every order through an easy-to-use dashboard accessible from your phone or tablet. Our dashboard and mobile app make it simple.

PandaBox includes:

  • Android Mobile App for couriers
  • Server software
  • Personal accounts for senior couriers, accountants, administrators, and other roles
  • Module for integration with third-party software
  • Thoughtful logic and proved mechanics of software solutions
  • Experience of integration with third-party complicated software
  • Intuitive interface clear understandable for couriers, managers, business owners\
  • Technical support directly from developers
  • The ability to perform individual customizations and improvements
  • Analysis of the existing mechanics (before implementation) and development of a business process optimization plan.
  • Machine Learning. Now you'll be able to determine whether the courier will manage to deliver a single order or complete a sequence of orders on time.
  • PandaBox provides us with intelligent automatic order distribution. This means that the dispatcher no longer spends hours figuring out how to distribute orders.

Take the leap with PandaBox delivery solutions.


Quick and easy deliveries
Enable quick and seamless deliveries for your couriers with comprehensive information at their fingertips:

  • Order number
  • Address
  • Delivery time
  • Amount and expected payment method
  • Comments

Utilize a countdown timer with color indicators for order deadlines, empowering you to plan deliveries precisely and maintain control over delivery times.

Empower your couriers with the PandaBox app
Providing real-time information on new orders.
Couriers can:

  • Choose the actual payment type for orders
  • Monitor the real-time status of orders
  • Access a list of completed orders and their quantities
  • Utilize one-click navigation to avoid wasting time searching for the addressee
  • Initiate client calls in one click, saving valuable time

Couriers log in using their accounts, accessing only the information needed for the current shift. This streamlined approach ensures other staff members don't waste time conveying information to couriers.

Best service experience
Deliver the best experience with PandaBox! More people than ever are choosing to order food through last mile delivery. Achieve the fastest, on-demand deliveries with your own couriers across various business services:

  • Restaurant
  • Meal Prep
  • Ghost Kitchen
  • Courier
  • Quick Commerce
  • Flower
  • Grocery

Fortunately, offering fast, local deliveries to your hungry customers is easy with PandaBox.