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Aggregators vs in-house Delivery

Reading time: ~2 mins

A delivery aggregator is a platform or service that connects customers, restaurants, and courier services to simplify the process of delivering food or goods. They are typically presented in the form of mobile applications or websites through which customers select products, place orders, and make online payments.

The market is saturated with various delivery aggregators, among which the most well-known include:

  • Uber Eats - one of the most popular services in many countries.
  • DoorDash - widely known in the United States and Canada.
  • Deliveroo - popular in Europe, Australia, and some other countries.

They are primarily used by newly opened restaurants and small cafes, helping them save money on creating their own delivery department by using the aggregator as a full-fledged alternative. But is it really cost-effective?

Major aggregators can charge up to 30% of the order amount for their services. This puts small entrepreneurs in a difficult position, hindering business expansion and competition with restaurants with in-house delivery. Therefore, restaurant owners turn to IT companies with expertise in last-mile delivery.

Our solution for in-house delivery, PandaBox, consists of a dispatch admin panel and a courier app. Key advantages include the ability to automatically distribute orders, machine learning for accurate delivery time estimation, an intuitive interface, and a map with the geo-location of all couriers.

You can experience the benefits of PandaBox by signing up for a trial month. If you decide to purchase our solution, we offer a monthly subscription or On-Premises product purchase.

Which option do you prefer: aggregator or your own delivery system?

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