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Employee Check-In Control System for Smart Access

Tackling the challenge of discreetly tracking employee movements, our system automates check-ins, manages remote teams with flexibility, and streamlines reporting. It empowers remote lock control and sets the stage for future keyless access integration.


Tasks of the Customer to be Solved

How to track the movements of employees in an unobtrusive way with access control, especially in cases where it is crucially important? The most obvious solution, of course, is to keep a hawk's eye on them. However, this can be inefficient and obviously unproductive. Thankfully, other methods of tracking employees and their use of space with modern smart access control exist.

So, let's take a look at the tasks we had to solve:

  • Automate check-in and out control of employees to visualize when employees use the office space.
  • Create a convenient, flexible mechanism for managing remote employees.
  • Provide automated collection and processing of reporting data in the section of each employee and office.
  • Enable remote control of locks.
  • Create the possibility of subsequent launch of a face/fingerprint recognition system and other keyless access.

What Was Done for Our Customer:

You might naturally be skeptical about tracking employees' physical movements, but there are marked advantages to knowing the movements in and out of your office, especially in crucial areas such as storage, server rooms, as well as identifying unusual accesses at night or on weekends, or simply exporting reports periodically.

Here's what we have done for the customer:

  • Investigated the problem in detail and developed the most effective software solution.
  • Developed server software.
  • Created an advanced administration and management panel with differentiated access rights.
  • Developed a WEB authorization panel.
  • Developed a mobile validator app.

Benefit from Employee Check-In and Out Control System Launch

It's a highly effective and less intrusive tracking method that allows a manager or administrator to remotely know when and where employees are entering and exiting the office or crucial specific areas.

Results Achieved by Our Customer:

Paper, card, and other archaic control systems were rejected, and now everything is perfectly done remotely and stored in a single database.

The issue of "forgetfulness" among employees was successfully solved.

Supervisors and the security service gained the ability to observe all reports online, including photos/videos regarding internal discipline.

Although more and more organizations decide to use an automatic check-in and check-out control system.

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