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What is Lab42

Lab42 is highly experienced software development company. We offer software and service development of different difficulty level and scope. According to our developers and QA engineers skills we can guarantee the quality, reliability and efficiency of products developed by our team. Our company assists in selection and implementation of approaches for business processes automation. The core business of our company is development and implementation of up-to-day and effective IT-solutions for particular business domains.

Our specialists are always available! Depending of client requirements in the process of software building our company uses well-known and reputable software development methodologies  – Agile, Waterfall etc. This methodology lets us keep in touch with clients and react to requirements changes in time, which increase effectiveness and applicability of final project. We are a young team which consists of well experienced and motivated specialists. The majority of team members has experience in commercial software development more than 10 years.

Technology stack, used by our developers, envelops huge amount of tools. It allows to select technologies qualitative and timely, what has a positive impact on deadlines, software quality and project cost.