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Minimum viable product (MVP) development services

Lab42 specializes in rapid and efficient Minimum Viable Product (MVP) development for startups, ensuring a swift market entry. With a focus on cost-effective solutions, our dedicated team crafts functional products with essential features to validate your project vision, attract investors, and gather immediate user feedback. Benefit from our expertise to launch your business in just a few days, minimizing development costs and reducing the risk of startup failure.

Minimum viable product (MVP) development services

Every technology STARTUP goes through a specific life cycle, from the initial idea to the launch of a fully functional product. However, 42% of startup failures (according to CB Insights analytics) occur because their product is not needed by the market. The MVP process allows you to create a basic version of your product with the most essential features to capture attention and satisfy customer needs.

We specialize in fast-paced MVP development, ensuring your product meets market demands and gains traction swiftly. Our team will develop a product with minimal functionality, providing you with a project ready for launch in just a few months


Critical Factor for Startups

A set of functional features forms the core of a software product and serves as a pivotal factor influencing the cost of software development.

The team of analysts at Lab42 possesses the expertise to assist young startups in identifying the main core functionalities derived from a business idea (a full featured product). By implementing these functionalities, users and potential investors can effectively evaluate the startup.

Startup Cost Reduction

Among all cost reduction strategies, opting to launch a minimum viable product (MVP) instead of a full-fledged product proves to be one of the most effective.

Building an MVP not only helps in reducing software development costs but also enables a rapid testing of your business idea, thereby minimizing the risk of startup failure. Our expert team plays a crucial role in avoiding the constant escalation of software development costs.

MVP: A Cost-Effective Functional Product

It's important to note that an MVP isn't a prototype or mock-up; it's a functioning product that must deliver value to your target audience. The primary goal of creating an MVP is to launch a product with a minimal feature set, enabling you to gather feedback from end users as quickly as possible.


High-Quality Results

Our team goes above and beyond to deliver top-quality results. You will have a dedicated team of developers fully focused on your app, providing a well-defined project plan, estimated delivery costs, and addressing other aspects of your MVP development. The opportunity to continue working with our expert team in the future on any new ideas is always open.

Security Measures

Startups should not hesitate to seek consultation. However, in cases where there are concerns about proprietary knowledge, we are ready to draft and sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement—an agreement to protect confidential information when collaborating with a startup.


Are you looking to validate your project vision, test a few ideas and select the best one for launch? Perhaps you want to present an MVP to attract investors or venture capital funds. Alternatively, with a small budget or limited time for full development, would you prefer to start your product with just a few essential features?


Launch Your Business in Just a Few Days

  • Rapid delivery of a product for real user testing
  • Immediate feedback at an early stage
  • Identify customer needs and wants, incorporating them into your solution
  • Swift, efficient, and expert development for an agile product
  • Creation of only the core features – MVP