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Implementation Case of PandaBox in a Large Restaurant Chain

Reading time: ~2 mins

A customer approached us with the issue of high workload on all delivery departments: both couriers and dispatchers. They had a total of 15 restaurants and 2 dispatchers who were responsible for delivery shifts. We proposed PandaBox – a ready-made solution for delivery automation that can be customized according to specific needs.

The customer opted for full automation of the order distribution system. After integrating our solution across the entire network of 15 restaurants, only one senior courier was needed instead of two. What are the main advantages of PandaBox?

Resource Savings

Reducing staff is a significant saving. One dispatcher for the entire restaurant network means we saved resources that were previously spent on senior courier salaries. Now they can focus on more important tasks.

Automatic Distribution

PandaBox provides intelligent automatic order distribution. This means the dispatcher no longer spends hours figuring out how to distribute orders. The system does it for them.

One Map for All Couriers

All couriers and their orders are displayed on one map. The senior dispatcher tracks courier locations on a single map in real-time. This feature is included without additional costs or subscriptions for extra tracking software or devices.

Reporting System

After each courier completes a delivery, the system automatically generates a report. Our case involves integrating the instant transfer of this data to the accounting department. This significantly reduced the time spent by couriers, administrators, and accountants and minimized paperwork.

Our goal is to work for efficiency. As developers, we customize the product to address specific goals and challenges.

Have you ever encountered issues with delivery automation?

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