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Machine Learning in PandaBox

Reading time: ~1 mins

Timely delivery of orders is a key factor in modern business. The accuracy of arrival at the destination is not limited to simply moving the courier from point A to point B, as typically considered by a standard navigator. Our new development in last-mile delivery, PandaBox, incorporates machine learning. It takes into account a whole set of factors: delivery time of previous orders, distance, and the time of day before determining the delivery time.

After the successful implementation of PandaBox in your business, the system actively collects data. After 2-3 weeks of gathered delivery information, an automatic analysis takes place. Subsequent deliveries will have more accurate predictions. Now you can find out whether a courier will be able to deliver a single order or complete a chain of orders on time. It's important to note that these predictions are much more accurate than those provided by regular navigators.

In conclusion, the PandaBox automation system combines automatic order distribution and machine learning to predict courier arrival times. This not only reduces the workload on logistics and couriers but also enhances delivery efficiency and quality, making the business more competitive and customer-oriented.

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