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Push to Talk in Logistics

Reading time: ~1,5 mins

Push to Talk (PTT) technology is experiencing rapid growth. According to recent market research, the PTT market demonstrates an impressive annual growth rate of 10.2%. It is projected that the market, currently valued at $35.3 billion, will reach $57.4 billion by 2028. But why such active attention to PTT technology?

PTT is an indispensable tool for ensuring instant communication in situations where it is necessary to maintain contact with a large number of participants. This communication is reliable and available at any distance. Major market players such as Motorola Solutions Wave and AT&T Enhanced Push-to-Talk offer their products for various industries, including emergency services, public safety, logistics, hospitality, armed forces, and public utilities. Their products focus primarily on urgent situations.

However, limiting the use of PTT only in emergencies significantly reduces efficiency in the logistics sector and slows down internal processes. That's why we developed Simwal.

Simwal is a thoughtfully crafted technological solution specifically adapted to the needs of logistics and wholesale transportation. We take the use of PTT to a new level, allowing you to apply it in everyday work situations, demonstrating real efficiency and speeding up business processes.

In the next article, we will provide more details about Simwal and how it can significantly improve your logistics operations.

Do you have any experience integrating PTT into your business?

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