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Solve all the specific business problems that you may have with our custom designed software solutions which will meet the unique requirements of your business. Off-the-shelf software is designed for an audience with typical needs, but sometimes you need a solution that can meet the unique requirements of your business and requirements that conventional software cannot provide.

We develop reliable, scalable and secure engineering solutions with unique features and functionality to meet your specific business needs.

Find below the solutions that exceed our customers' expectations

Delivery Control & Management system for restaurant chain with own delivery
The customer’s tasks to be solved

We were approached by a popular fast food restaurants chain in order to rebuild their expensive and time-consuming process of manual delivery management and create an automated solution. The designed customer software should have to increase productivity, the resulting increase in efficiency of which should compensate for the cost of created solution.

So, get a look what tasks had we have to solve:

  • automate the receipt of delivery orders with the provision of comprehensive information on delivery orders
  • create a convenient mechanism for order statuses changing
  • provide metrics' indicators calculation per shift
  • provide the collection of geodata about the location of the courier, preservation of the history of the courier's movements, calculation of mileage per shif
  • automate the collection and processing of data for reporting and analyzing the efficiency of delivery processes
What were done for restaurant chain

Yes, indeed, and this is a fact that there are still many businesses spend excessive time and resources manipulating delivery process. A custom software solution really can automatically interface with your specific tasks and data sources and create fast, reliable, consistent and memorable post-purchase experience. 

What we have done for the customer:

  • worked closely and completely studied courier delivery business processes and customer’s organization
  • server software was developed
  • made integration with third-party client’s software
  • developed mobile app for staff members
  • developed mobile app for buyers
  • created advanced administration and management panel with differentiation access rights
Benefit from Delivery Control & Management system launch

Let's find out which results our customer achieved:

  • restaurant chain increased delivery volumes by 4 times
  • couriers became disciplined and started to work visually with current orders, see next orders, plan time, routes, see current shift metrics
  • couriers began to call customers with a delivery warning 85% more often which is appreciated by clients
  • the management of couriers has become simple and easy: all operations, the current load have become clearly visible through the administration and control panel
  • personnel costs have significantly decreased and the human resources have been optimized
  • increased transparency of staff member’s actions
  • the number of errors caused by the human factor has been reduced
  • increased efficiency of cash processing
  • simplified reporting

Here are the facts of nowadays: about 70% of customers will choose a brand over a competitor if they provide best delivery options, about 43% online clients view fast and reliable delivery as the most important factor when shopping online, about 41% of consumers are willing to pay more for fast same-day delivery.

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Employee check-in and out control system for smart access and exit control of remote offices
The customer’s tasks to be solved

How to track the movements of employees in an unobtrusive way with access control? Especially for cases where it is crucial important. The most obvious, of course, is keeping a hawk’s eye on them. However, this can be inefficient and obviously unproductive. Thankfully, other methods how to track employees and their use of space with modern software access control is exist.

So, get a look what tasks had we have to solve:

  • automate check-in and out controlling of employees to visualize when employees use the office space
  • create convenient flexible mechanism for managing remote employees
  • provide automated collection and processing reporting data in section of each employee, office
  • perform the possibility of remote lock's control
  • create the possibility of subsequent launch of face/fingerprint recognition system and other keyless access
What were done for our customer

You might naturally be skeptical about tracking employees’ physical movements but there are marked advantages to knowing the movements in and out of your office. Especially it can be crucial for specific areas such as storage, server room as well as to identify some unusual accesses at night or weekends or simply to export the reports once per period.

What we have done for the customer:

  • investigated the problem in detail and developed the most effective solution
  • server software was developed
  • created advanced administration and management panel with differentiation access rights
  • WEB authorization panel was developed
  • mobile validator App was developed
Benefit from employee check-in and out control system launch

It’s really effective and gentler tracking method that allows a manager or administrator to remotely know when and where employees are entering and exiting the office or to crucial specific areas.

Let's find out which results our customer achieved:

  • paper, card and other archaic control systems were rejected and now everything perfectly done remotely and stored in a single database
  • the issue of "forgetfulness" of employees were successfully solved
  • supervisor and security service get the ability to observe online all reports, including photos/videos regarding the internal discipline

Although more and more organizations decide to use an automatic check-in and check-out control system.

Let’s talk about your needs!

Cash exchange and money transfer services
What have done before start of development

  • We have researched of business processes of the organization
  • Research an automation opportunities and growth points of business processes of client
  • Analyzed current software (server and client side) which maintained current business processes
  • Determining which growth points of business that will give the maximum economic effect at MVP stage


Results of digitalization for our client

  • Developed a software platform for clients and control panel for organization of automated workplace, including remote ones with the differentiation access rights
  • Differentiation of access rights and control of working hours
  • Digitization of main business processes with the possibility of remote control, building reports, graphs with the system of troubleshooting
  • Full log coverage for digitalized processes
  • Software platform allows you to maintain additional internal financial accounting, minimize the risk of incorrect settlements with the customers and allow to carry out transactions with large amounts and in different currencies


Benefits of implementation

  • Reducing the routine work of employees
  • Improved control over shift start and end times of workday
  • Reduced man mistakes in cash exchange and money transfer processes
  • It became easier for managers: the burden of communication with remote offices, current workload and results of work have become clearly visible through the administration and control panel
  • Increased transparency of employees' actions
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