E-commerce Delivery Solution

Our modern, advanced delivery management software, designed specifically for the corporate network, allows you to create and successfully manage your own delivery to improve the quality and speed of your customer service. Even if you already have your own delivery service, our product automates and accelerates process, boost delivery services to the highest level.

No subscriptions, just your property.

Empower your delivery
Automate deliveries for your business - Start today with the software your own
We empower retail, restaurant, grocery, e-commerce and logistics companies to manage their delivery operations sustainably at any scale, allocate delivery smartly across couriers, build unique workflows and ensure on-brand delivery experiences. 
PandaBox seamlessly integrates with other restaurant ordering and e-commerce platforms to keep all of your orders in one place, offering optimized delivery software for your business.
Your own software to manage deliveries easily - best of its kind

PandaBox ensure you with the technological resource to provide your team with support you’re your customers with convenience and high-quality delivery services. Manage every order from one easy-to-use dashboard - all from your phone or tablet. Our dashboard and mobile app make it simple.

PandaBox consists of:

  • Android Mobile App for couriers
  • server software
  • personal account for a senior courier, accountant, administrator and other roles
  • module for integration with third-party software


PandaBox does exactly what you are looking for a delivery software to do
Thoughtful logic and proved mechanics of software solutions
Experience of integration with third-party complicated software
Intuitive interface clear understandable for couriers, managers, business owners
Technical support directly from developers
The ability to perform individual customizations and improvements
Analysis of the existing delivery mechanics (before implementation) and development of a delivery business process optimization plan
Learn how our product and agile software decisions can help you
Take your business to the next level with PandaBox delivery solution
Some interesting details
Quick and easy deliveries

Your couriers will have all the information they need to make quick and easy deliveries:

  • order No
  • delivery address
  • delivery time
  • amount and expected payment method
  • comments

A countdown timer with a color indication the order deadline, which allows you to plan the delivery with precision and control the delivery time

Your courier with PandaBox app

Provide couriers with real-time information about new orders. 

Courier has the ability to: 

  • choose the real type of order payment
  • overview the real-time order status
  • get the list of completed orders and their quantity
  • use one click navigation not to waste time searching for the addressee
  • call the client in one click without wasting precious time

The courier is logged in using his account and gets access only to the information that is needed on the current shift. Other staff members do not waste their time bringing information to the courier.

Best delivery experience

More people than ever are choosing to order food through an e-commerce site. Fastest, on-demand deliveries with your own couriers for the following business lines:

  • Restaurant Delivery
  • Meal Prep Delivery
  • Ghost Kitchen Delivery
  • Courier service
  • Quick Commerce
  • Flower Delivery
  • Grocery Delivery

Luckily, offering fast, local deliveries to your hungry customers is easy with PandaBox. 

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