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The needs of each company are unique. Different software products are needed for different business sectors. We create modern and effective solutions, taking into account all the features of your company, industry and market.

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Our highly skilled experts with excellent technical and business knowledge and experience are using the latest software standards. We provide:

  • WEBSITE Development&Design
  • ANDROID Apps Development 
  • IOS Apps Development 
  • CROSS PLATFORM Development 
  • ECOMMERCE MOBILE Apps Development 
  • ENTERPRISE Apps Development 

Modern tools and resources to help you build the best user’s experiences also for the whole family of Apple devices. Our solutions have shortest time-to-market moreover they are simultaneously released on all platforms like Android, iOS, and Windows. Focusing on close coordination between user experience design, product development, and sales Lab42 make sure all goals are being met and entire business processes for organizations to provide productivity and efficiency.

Digital marketing drives traffic. Websites deliver conversions
Get high-performing and delightful website

To successfully transform your business, you need to be innovative with your approach, build high-performing websites, and grow your business through digital marketing that produces a high ROI.

Successful website development cannot be an accident. From choosing the required technologies to selecting the right team, any minimal effort that will require planning, communication and experience. And no matter how much effort you have already spent, if your site is not working properly, your visitors and customers are unlikely to stay there. If you are really looking for increasing conversion solution, then it is obvious that the new technologies and experience used are of paramount importance.

LAB 42 provides agile and ingenuity in development to perform the highest quality solutions with popular web development trends and techniques.

We create websites that spotlight your business

We have been developing websites for a very long time, the experience of some of our employees is more than 10 years. From small business card sites to the development of large industry portals, we have probably developed all kinds of websites that are possible on the Internet.

Find all kinds of websites you need here because we exist in order to:

  • Make Responsive& Delightful Web Design
  • Focus on Corporate identity & Modern web design
  • Get your startup Brand on point
  • Perform Brand Design Refreshing
  • Provide one digital commerce ecosystem.
  • Design Ecommerce user experiences

Our ability to create a dynamic, personalized user interface and websites will allow your brand to use innovative opportunities to reach your audience, as well as maintain their interest and increase brand loyalty.

Flexibility and efficiency of development process

We approach application development with the main goal - efficiency. Our Lab42 team prefers to initially assess the need to develop native apps for iOS and Android, or offer a cross-platform solution.

The goal is to simplify the process, eliminate redundancy and reduce the cost of the final product, its development and subsequent maintenance of the application (it is always important to keep this in mind). Talking about the development process, it is worth considering that testing begins at the very first stages in order to eliminate as much as possible all possible errors and bugs at the final stage

Software Testing and Quality Assurance (QA) Services
Expert testers. Results you can trust.

Relying on our more than 10 years of experience in Software Testing and Quality Assurance (QA) Services, our company will help you meet the high demands of end users and provide a fully functional, stable, secure and user-friendly software. Lab42 test engineers and quality assurance specialists are ready to embark on a testing project of any scale and complexity.

QA outsourcing - we provide comprehensive QA testing at every stage of the software development lifecycle to ensure that all components integrated into your solution work as intended, from beginning to end.

Any kind of testing for your projects - depending on the specifics of your project, we can run certain types of testing, such as functional testing, performance testing, security testing or any other type of software testing.

Quality assessment - a comprehensive audit of the product from different angles, including code quality, solution functionality, usability, performance and security with receiving of detailed report with a list of detected problems and recommendations for their elimination.

Find a testing solution that’s right for you

The Lab42 testing team performs and ensures:

  • Functional testing - your product works in accordance with your business processes and specific requirements
  • Performance testing – solve problems with scalability or reliability, and also ensures the stable operation of your product by stress testing, load testing
  • Usability testing – help you understand what problems may arise while working with the product by usability audit
  • Compatibility testing - smooth operation in various computer, positive user experience across platforms, browsers and operating systems
  • Security testing (automatic vulnerability scanners) - provide comprehensive application penetration testing services, source code analysis to identify security issues that are overlooked at the initial stage of development
  • Manual testing - apply extensive experience and knowledge in completely different areas of business to perform comprehensive functional testing, usability testing and much more
  • Automated testing - use best practices and modern testing tools to automate testing processes and improve productivity
Nature of application

We offer testing taking into account the specifics of the technology used in the product (mobile, web or desktop).

  • Testing Web App
  • Mobile application testing
  • Testing desktop applications

We able to take to test any web application from a landing page to a multifunctional portal or cloud solution for a number of industries. We offer sufficient experience in testing iOS and Android applications in various fields. We are ready to offer our rich experience for testing your desktop solution of any complexity. We are Lab42 team.

The role of Product Technical Support in your business
Software technical support

Technical support helps businesses compete and generates a competitive edge by helping you execute critical business process quickly and efficiently also helps you make crucial business decisions that can maximize profitability. Tech support gives you a huge opportunity to influence the overall user experience of your product.

The Lab42 team provides support services for its software solutions free of charge for a year after the end of development and product launch.

It is really important

Software support services may include new product installation services, installation of product updates, migration for major software releases, other types of proactive or reactive on-premises services, as well as support for user applications or infrastructure software.

  • preventive check of software operation
  • information processing
  • performing work on changing the configuration of software objects
  • performing work to eliminate software failures
  • performing work to restore the functionality of the software
  • consulting on the functioning of the software
  • virus protection
  • database maintenance
  • file system maintenance
  • solving issues of work stability
  • solving issues of speed of work
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