Tokenized Sports Platform

We designed SPORTEXCLUB platform to empower sports clubs to build a sustainable digital business based on their fans’ passion. Our innovative platform with token-powered digital business engine is perfect to manage with the financial activity of a sports organization. Take back control over your brand, data, and digital business.  

Launch your own tokenized platform and create an engaging, interactive, mobile-first home for your fans.

Discover the future of your favorite sport in our next steps.


Incredible capabilities for your future
Financing solutions for sports – powered by blockchain

People in the sports business are starting to understand the benefits that tokenization can provide to their organizations and business models. Until now, money has often come from large companies or wealthy large investors. Fans and investors who want to invest smaller amounts rarely have access to this asset class.

We want to change that. We know how to convert your fans in business

Build your own fan community on the blockchain

Allow your fans to interact and engage using purchased or awarded tokens. Tokens and blockchain are starting to change the digital marketplace. Position yourself to compete in this new reality by creating a global social community for your digital-native fans.

How does it work: main elements of the platform

Anyone who has purchased a club token (virtual promotion) can manage it by voting. The user, within the limits defined by the club, can influence events within the club, control the budget, watch live broadcasts of matches and any other entertainment content, as well as communicate with other users and the administration.


The club remains operational and administrative management, communication with the media. The club organizer events, matches, meetings, creates entertainment content, keep an online diary and provides reports on its activities during a user-defined period.


A virtual share, which entitles the user to participate in the management of the organization. One share = one vote. Token can be purchased on the Sportex club
platform, and after realization of all available tokens – on the cryptocurrency exchange.

Check now how can you tokenize your sport club economy
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Who can use it?

The platform is perfect for sports organizations, athletes, and creators looking to own their digital fan relationship with their own direct-to-consumer platform and launch new business models.

Thousands of people will use the form, and millions in the future. Our goal is to enable 3.5 billion sports fans to become part of the big game, and not just watch it from the sidelines

Sport club: a path from a task to uniqueness

The functioning of the platform based on blockchain technology allows to implement a transparent and reliable funding system, including profit distribution among users.                                                                    







A modern legal framework that fully regulates all aspects of blockchain usage: cryptocurrency circulation, ICO, smart contracts, tokenized equity, tokenized stocks. Legal framework was developed considering the best world practices in AML, CTF, KYC.

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